Cheap True Religion Jeans - Too Good to be True?

Published: 08th January 2010
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Ladies's designer denim is the staple of today's fashion industry, and the speediest growing area of women's clothing. Girls's designer denim features dynamic and creative designers like True faith, Monarchy, and 7 for all mankind. All makers of ladies's designer denim have learned in their clothing lines that everyone is shaped differently, and the cut must agree to the woman's body and curves to look good. To that end there are a few manufactures each with their own style and cut, as outlined below.

Different Styles

True Religion brand jeans come in men's, women's and there is attire for children too. All the different styles of come in several washes,eg dark, medium, and light, and the fabrics cuddle the hips, lengthen the legs, and look sexy and complicated on any body type. They also come in cropped denim which look wonderful with 2 high boots.

The cropped denim compliments the body and can be worn with a nice blazer, or a casual t-shirt. True faith ladies's designer denim are made with a new manufacturing process that naturally ages the jean so that they look even better with wash and wear. These girls's designer denim jeans are featured in shorts as well as full length jeans that embrace the hips sit high on the thighs and make the legs look long and lean. The deep indigo give these denim beauties a certain casual class that make them a definite must have for any fashion forward woman's wardrobe.

Over the previous few years, premium jeans have become quite a hot commodity. Designer brands such as True religion are highly sought after for their innovation, artfulness and design. So how do you differentiate between the genuine and the replicated? Here are some tips about how to spot fake True Religion jeans.

Probably the easiest way to identify fake jeans is the shape of the pocket flaps. Fakes will butcher this in a selection of ways from an attempted curve to some that are practically straight. If you need to understand one thing about the originals it's the shape of the pocket flaps.

The signature True faith horseshoe is tricky to replicate and is frequently shaped wrongly and off center on fakes. Almost all of the time fakes will have a horseshoe that's too wide and placed too high on the pocket.
check out the look and feel of the fabric. In addition, fading is often really short with a dirty brownish yellow appearance.

Get to grasp the Buddha. The Buddha shown on True religion backtags and inner pockets is a brilliant red and detailed. For example, you can distinguish all of the fingers on originals where on fakes the fingers are blurred. Relating to the pocket liners, the Buddhas should be little and bright red. You're looking at a fake if the Buddhas are giant, lifeless or perhaps missing fully.

Original jeans will have an inner tag where the description under the horseshoe is "made in USA", not "made in U.S.A.", "MADE IN USA" or some other derivation.

Take care where you buy true religion jeans. If you find true religions jeans for sale at places such as auctions at very low costs then there's a good chance they're fake especially when they're over below half of the recommended retail price unless they on sale from a credible retailer. Do not order true religion jeans from untrustworthy sources.

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